Do you think you have sleep apnea?

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Answer the following questions to see if you are at risk.


  1. Snoring? Do you Snore Loudly (loud enough to be heard in another room or to be elbowed in the middle of the night)?
  2. Tired? Do you often feel Tired during the daytime (such as falling asleep during driving)?
  3. Observed? Has anyone Observed you Stop Breathing or Gasping for air during your sleep?
  4. Pressure? Do you have or are being treated for High Blood Pressure?
  5. Body Mass Index more than 35 kg/m2?
  6. Age older than 50 year old?
  7. Neck size large? (Measured around Adams apple) circumference greater than 40cm or 16 inches?
  8. Gender = Male?

Low risk of OSA: If you answered ‘Yes’ to 0-2 questions

Moderate risk: If you answered ‘Yes’ to 3-4 questions

High risk: If you answered ‘Yes’ to 5-8 questions

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