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About 70% of adults 35-44 years of age have lost at least one permanent tooth. Implants allow for the replacement of missing teeth improving esthetics and allowing people to eat more effectively. Implants can also be used to give dentures more retention. 

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Tooth Replacement

Implants are an exiting advancement in dentistry because they allow for the replacement of lost teeth.  Losing a tooth, especially in the front of the mouth, can be a traumatic experience.  Patients now have the ability to restore the toothless area with a highly esthetic and extremely functional implant, allowing the patient to look and feel as if the tooth was never lost.


Dentures can be a very effective way to replace some or all of a patient’s teeth.  However, in some cases patients find dentures difficult to use and may even struggle to keep the denture securely in place. Implants can be used as anchors to which the denture is attached improving retention and making the denture easier to use.

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