Mountain View Dental - Easthampton, MAWe understand that having an extraction can be scary. This is why we have created a relaxed environment and provide adequate anesthetic to keep you comfortable.

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Bone Grafting (socket preservation)

Bone grafting is performed after an extraction to preserve as much bone height as possible. This is particularly important when an implant will be placed in the future or a defect in the bone is present.

3rd Molars (wisdom teeth)

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth and usually come in around the age of 18. In many cases, wisdom teeth do not cause any problems and removal is not recommended. However, wisdom teeth are particularly prone to periodontal disease and tooth decay because they are so far back in the mouth and difficult to clean. They may also erupt in the wrong direction putting the health of the adjacent tooth at risk. For these reasons and others the dentist may recommend that one or more of your wisdom teeth be removed.

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